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The Uncanny Alley

Self-driving cars are not as close as you think – unless you hire a chauffeur. Sleepy In the mid-1980s Marvin Minsky and Roger Schank predicted the coming AI winter. Like a housing bubble or the irrational exuberance of a stock... Continue Reading →

Docker & Go to Take Microservices by Storm

In previous posts, I’ve mentioned the boom that’s coming in IoT and also the problematic nature of microservices. In the next 10 years Go applications in Docker containers will become a front runner and overtake Java as the primary choice... Continue Reading →

PCI 3.2 Requirements & Solution

The credit card industry dropped a bomb on the retail world at the start of 2017 that says that all companies, large and small, will store only tokens for their credit card numbers by the end of 2017. That creates... Continue Reading →

Microservices Meltdown

Right now, at the beginning of 2017, microservices are riding the crest of the Gartner hype cycle - "the peak of unrealistic expectations". In two or three years we will be in the "trough of disillusionment". That’s normal. But this... Continue Reading →

IoT and the Abstraction of Things

As a Java and OSGi developer I'm keenly interested in how layers and levels of abstraction help me do my job.  Now that we are entering into the Internet of Things era I'm thinking about how those layers and levels... Continue Reading →

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